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Trimitas starts the season powerfully

Trimitas sezoną pradeda galingai

The State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas” will start the new season especially actively. For the first time in Lithuania, the wind orchestra and the internationally acclaimed percussion ensemble Giunter Percussion will appear together on one stage on September 24 at the Palace of the Grand Dukes in Vilnius and on October 3 at the Kaunas Philharmonic. During the year more collaborations are planned with famous Lithuanian and foreign performers.

Trimitas director prof. Dr. Antanas Kučinskas says that it is time to break the old stereotypes of the image and embark on the search for new concert forms. During this season, the orchestra will show a modern and relevant face, choosing an atypical direction of concert programs and original projects of joint genres.

The first of these unions – wind instruments and percussion – a combination rich in unusual sounds but rare on a classical music stage, so the concert “Drum&Bass” should satisfy the news-hungry listener. The wind orchestra Trimitas, which has planned to implement an extraordinary project, has invited the most famous Lithuanian percussion ensemble Giunter Percussion. Its leader and founder, Pavel Giunter, didn’t hesitate to accept the offer.

“This orchestra has always been associated with good energy and great mood for me. At the beginning of my career, I had toured with the Trimitas Orchestra and had great memories. Therefore, when we received the offer to play together, we immediately started putting on a program that would be compatible with the music performed by the orchestra, and at the same time allow us to unfold,” says P. Giunter.

The general concert “Drum&Brass” will delight in the variety of genres. The program includes the fanfare Samuel Hazo’s Olympiada, a musical trip to Latin America – Marco Ford’s Stubernic Fantasy, the highly cinematic David R. Gillingham’s Concertino 4 for percussion and wind ensemble, the exotic African folklore Wenda Kanawa (arranged by Giun ) and a mystical natural phenomenon – the musical image of the Rainbow of the Moon – Nathan Daughtrey’s composition “Black Rainbow”.

One of the biggest intrigues is the premiere: the listeners will hear the work “March & Drum” written especially for this concert by the composer Linas Rimša. The composer is famous for his love of breaking dogmas and transcending genre boundaries. He is also passionate about theater, cinema, video installations and pop music, so this time it is worth expecting a fresh result. The concert will be conducted by Ugnius Vaiginis, the chief conductor of the Trimitas Orchestra.

The season will be full of premieres. The concert “Musical Bridges” will take place at Vaidila Theater on October 1 and this concert will merge Lithuania and Armenia. The concert is dedicated to the Armenian Independence Day and the tenth anniversary of Armenia’s participation in the EU Eastern Partnership Policy Program, organized by Trimitas together with the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Lithuania. The wooden wind instrument – duduku – will be played by soloist Gevorg Dabaghyan, and his compatriot Harutiunian Arzumanian will conduct. Popular in the Middle East, the Caucasus, and the Balkans, the traditional instrument, often played in movies, will re-enrich the powerful sound of the wind orchestra with its melancholy and extremely melodic sound.

Another extraordinary connection will take place on November 8 in Klaipeda and on November 9 in Vilnius, this is a theatrical concert “The 20th Century Rhapsody” organized together with the director Birute Mar, the artist Kristina Norvilaite and the conductor Aleksandras Šimelis, which will combine the works of the music icons of the dawn of modernism – Igor Stravinsky, George Gershwin and Erik Satie. They will be interpreted by the charismatic pianist Petras Geniušas together with the orchestra.

Another top-level soloist, cellist Vytautas Sondeckis, will join Trimitas on December 28. Currently a talented Lithuanian soloist in the North German Radio Symphony Orchestra, the talented Lithuanian will perform a concert by Austrian composer and pianist Friedrich Gulda – a special work that combines classical music and jazz, accompanied by echoes of minuet, march, polka and even rock. More information about the concerts – on the orchestra’s page trimitas.lt.