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Trimitas met the spring in Trakai

Orkestrui ,,Trimitui" diriguoja Leif Karlsson

The State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas” together with Leif Karlsson, a music inspector at the Swedish Defense Forces, a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and a conductor of wind orchestras, gave an impressive concert in Trakai.

The concert “Pavasario uvertiūra” created specifically for Trakai, the Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2020, attracted a very large group of listeners on the last day of this winter.

Dmitrijaus Šostakovičiaus “Šventinė uvertiūra” and Philipo Sparke’s “Music For a Festival” were performed at the renovated Trakai Palace of Culture. Johan De Meij’s overture “Spring” created the mood of the magical awakening of spring, and the Colonial Song of Australian Percy Grainger’s work made the concert guests to move to the vast fields of Australia. Frank Ticheli “Blue Shades”, the musical piece imbued with blues harmony, rhythms and melodies, flooded the stage with jazz music. At the end of the concert, excerpts from the musical “Chess” by the legendary Swedish pop group ABBA members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus were played.