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New Trimitas stage clothes by Serge Ganjumian

New Trimitas stage clothes

Fashion designer Serge Gandžumian created stage representational clothing for the State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas”. The decision of the stage clothes for Trimitas dictated by the very appearance of the wind instruments, their brilliance and their lines. Trumpets, French horn, saxophones, trombones, cornets, tubes, and all the other shining, gleaming wind instruments simply obliged me to divert from the path of contrasts and play with nuances. Look for harmony and synergy, an identical visual solution, says S. Gandžumian. “I tried to create a more ‘jazzy’ style.”

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Spring Overture in Trakai Culture House

This time Trakai – Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2020 invites all Trakai and guests of the city to meet at the concert of Spring Wind Overture dedicated to Trakai. This unique concert will be performed only once in Lithuania – in the newly renovated hall of Trakai Culture House. The concert will be hosted by Leif Karlsson, Special Inspector of Music of the Swedish Armed Forces and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

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Trimitas starts the season powerfully

Trimitas sezoną pradeda galingai

The State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas” will start the new season especially actively. For the first time in Lithuania, the wind orchestra and the internationally acclaimed percussion ensemble Giunter Percussion will appear together on one stage on September 24 at the Palace of the Grand Dukes in Vilnius and on October 3 at the Kaunas Philharmonic. During the year more collaborations are planned with famous Lithuanian and foreign performers.

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