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New Trimitas stage clothes by Serge Ganjumian

New Trimitas stage clothes

Fashion designer Serge Gandžumian created stage representational clothing for the State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas”. The decision of the stage clothes for Trimitas dictated by the very appearance of the wind instruments, their brilliance and their lines. Trumpets, French horn, saxophones, trombones, cornets, tubes, and all the other shining, gleaming wind instruments simply obliged me to divert from the path of contrasts and play with nuances. Look for harmony and synergy, an identical visual solution, says S. Gandžumian. “I tried to create a more ‘jazzy’ style.”

According to the designer, when creating stage representational clothes, it is always necessary to think in two ways – to see a single musician and at the same time the whole orchestra as a whole, together with all the instruments, microphones, spaces, lighting and other stage attributes. Of course, we start with aesthetics and only then go to the practical “comfort” things. The details of the stage costume are polished according to what is desired from this type of clothing, what is sought, what is expected, what kind of aesthetic message it has to carry, how practical it needs to be, so that the musician wearing it would feel comfortable both psychologically and aesthetically.

The Trimitas stage set consists of striped velvet vests with wide, long flaps and elegant pockets, black glittering buttons and a delicate chain, shirts with smaller, softer stripes, and a finely dotted elegant scarf. “While it’s not a uniform or work clothes, in a sense, it also have to perform some function of a uniform or even, if you will, work clothes. Although this is certainly not the most appropriate description. After all, for a musician, playing on stage it is his job, Serge says. – Stage clothing must be practical. There are five buttons on the vest, sewn densely every 4-5 centimeters. When sitting, such a vest fits more nicely to the body. “

Trimitas new stage clothes no longer have jackets. According to the designer, the jacket not only restricts the movements, but also hides many details, many items of clothing and when there are several dozen musicians on stage at the same time, they look like a big boring monochrome stain. And in this “jazzy” costume he wanted as much freedom, playfulness, freshness and radiance as possible. But not pomp.

“It is much more comfortable to play a wind instrument, even from a practical point of view, only with a shirt and vest on than with a jacket, he says. “It was a pleasure to create stage clothes for such a great team, and I think the image speaks for itself.”