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Trimitas in Folk

DURATION: 1 hour

It is a creative experiment that combines folk song poetics, agile melody, Loreta Sungailienė’s close performance with masterful interpretations of Trimitas and trombonist Vytautas Pilibavičius’ jazz and contemporary music.

Vytautas Pilibavičius is the author of many compositions for this program. He is a virtuoso, conductor and composer of trombone, surprising listeners in Lithuania and abroad with his improvisations and original works. Loreta Sungailiene, an ethnomusicologist and TV presenter, is known not only as a researcher and performer of folk songs, but also as a participant in various contemporary folklore projects (“Folkšokas”, “Sutartinės Party”, “ZAP.4 Elements”, etc.).

The State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas” – the most famous Lithuanian wind orchestra of all time, playing classical, contemporary, sacred, stage, jazz works, dives into the music originating from the roots and weaves a new colorful fabric of modern Lithuanian music.

The program includes original compositions by Vytautas Pilibavičius and his arrangement of Lithuanian folk – calendar, work, family, war songs from various regions of Lithuania, as well as jazz improvisation on the motives of Lithuanian folklore.

Conductor Ugnius Vaiginis
Singer Loreta Sungailiene
Trombone player Vytautas Pilibavičius

If you would like to book the program, you can contact us by email vadyba@trimitas.lt or by phone
+370 686 30727.