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The Story of Frank Sinatra

DURATION: 1 hour

“… every time destiny drops me, I can straighten and descend, carrying the fast flow of life. That’s life. “ Frank Sinatra.

During the orchestral tour in Germany, the acquaintance with the singer Jens Sörensen grew into a joint project entitled “The Story of Frank Sinatra”.

It is a musical-biographical journey of time through the life of Frank Sinatra, the greatest performer of the last century. Artist Jens Soerensen excels at conveying the moods and thoughts of Sinatra’s songs – a strikingly similar voice timbre, singing manner and narrative stories from the singer’s life carry the listener through the lyrics of the famous singer.

As if on a train of life, you look into the windows of Sinatra’s life, and in the distance you see the glowing lights of New York – another life stop and another song, another story…

IN THE PROGRAM – Songs by Frank Sinatra

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