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DURATION: 1 hour

In collaboration with Trimitas, this programme was developed by Giedrius Vaznys, conductor of the Kaunas Wind Orchestra Ąžuolynas. According to Vaznys, ‘working with this orchestra means a great joy’. The complex works that require masterful performance, are manifested through a wide range of musical expression, from delicate piano and solo instrumental interludes, to thunderous tutti and flowy interludes of instrumental groups. Kaleidoscope is a highly dynamic and dramatically influential programme featuring gems of wind orchestra music, including James Swearingen’s Celebration and Dance, Samuel Hazo’s Ride, Kevin Houben’s Codon, James L. Hosay’s Persis, Eric Whitacre’s Lux Aurumque, Philip Sparke’s Kaleidoscope, John Williams’ Indiana Jones Selection (arranged by Hans van der Heide), and Joseph Hellmesberger’s Dance Diabolique (arranged by Tohru Takahashi).

Conductor Giedrius Vaznys

The premiere took place on 15 March 2019, 19:00, at Trimitas Concert Hall (T. Ševčenkos St. 19A, Vilnius)


If you would like to book the program, you can contact us by email vadyba@trimitas.lt or by phone
+370 686 30727.