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DURATION: 1 hour 20 min

The joint program of Trimitas and Giunter Percussion is a refreshing joy for new-sounding listeners’ ears: a rich palette of percussion instruments blends in with the sounds of the wind to create the most unexpected sounds and accompany exotic vocal tours. 

Giunter Percussion, the first percussion ensemble in Lithuania for the first time in 24 years, plays classical, modern, folk, popular and jazz music.

The concert will feature a variety of styles of music that blend harmoniously with the wind orchestra – prepare your ears for pleasant surprises! David R. Gillingham’s highly cinematographic Concertino 4 for Percussion and Wind Ensemble will undoubtedly inspire the imagination; Marc Ford’s Stubernic Fantasy, a musical tour of Latin America, will invite you to dream of distant lands. Inspired by the passion of the region, the piece takes you through exotic Guatemala and Nicaragua – stories of marimba ensembles playing in them inspire the composer with this vibrant fantasy.

The exotic breeze will continue with African folklore piece Wenda Kanawa and Nathan Daughtrey’s composition Black Rainbow, a musical “image” of the mysterious lunar rainbow, will add a touch of mystique. Black Rainbow is particularly expressive of the brilliance of the wind and percussion and the energy contained in these instruments. March & Drum (2019), written especially for Giunter Percussion by Lithuanian composer Linas Rimša, is also intriguing – a marshal crowning a powerful union of wind orchestra and percussion.

David R. Gillingham „Concertino“ 
Mark Ford „Stubernic Fantasy“
African Folklore „Wenda Kanawa“
Nathan Daughtery „Black Rainbow“            
Linas Rimša „March&Drum“

Conductor Ugnius Vaiginis
Percussion Ensemble Giunter Percussion 

If you would like to book the program, you can contact us by email vadyba@trimitas.lt or by phone
+370 686 30727.