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A theatralized musical fairy-tale “Trumpet Town“

DURATION: 55 min

In the theatrical educational musical fairy-tale for the whole family “Trumpet Town”, the children are introduced to the musical instruments of the orchestra and their human “characters”, and learn about what the conductor and other members of the orchestra are usually responsible for. Also, older spectators will discover elements dedicated for them – a mildly ironic parallel with the actualities of the state and society. In the “Trumpet Town“, each group of orchestral instruments is a metaphorical representation of our society. The conductor will become the traffic regulator, the clarinets will be ordinary townspeople, the saxophone group will represent the town’s muffs, and the tuba will defend the interests of the rich. The key question of the musical journey through the “Trumpet Town“ is: can different people come together in harmony for the common purpose of music and harmony?

Do you want to shake hands with the conducting and always serious traffic regulator, hear the secrets of the Tube club bankers, and join the city muffs saxophones? Or maybe you want to make a real strike with the musicians and yell from the depth of your lungs, “We want to live as we want! We want to play as we please! We Want – How We Want! We Want – How We Want!” The State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas” invites you to the musical fairy tale “Trumpet Town”.

The musical dramaturgy of the latest production is dictated by the head of the orchestra prof. dr. A. Kučinskas. He selected a solitaire of works of composers T. Adomavičius, V. Sainz, I. Stravinskis, A. Romero, ch. Hasso, I. Berlin, E. Bourdeau, H. Beeftink, C. John, J. Higdon et al.  

Director and screenwriter Birutė Mar
Conductor Ugnius Vaiginis
Artist Indrė Pačėsaitė
Video projections by Karolis Bratkauskas
Light artist Rimas Petrauskas
Designers Asta Puikienė & Martynas Latušinskas

If you would like to bring the “Trimitas Town“ to your city or school, you can contact us by email edukacija@trimitas.lt or by phone +370 686 30727. 

The musical fairy-tale “Trimitas Town” is included in the collection of Cultural Passport services, and the shows are partially funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania for the Non-Formal Children’s Education Project Competition.