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Musical fairy-tale for the whole family “Trumpet City”  

The theatrical educational musical fairy-tale “Trumpet City” introduces children to musical instruments played by an orchestra and their human “characters”. Children learn what a conductor is responsible for and what the roles of other orchestra members are. Older audiences discover a dimension designed particularly for them – a softly ironic parallel with the relevant issues specific to the state and society. In “Trumpet City”, every group of orchestra instruments is a metaphorical representation of our society. The conductor will become a traffic controller, clarinets will become ordinary city dwellers, the group of saxophones will represent aggressive individuals of the city, and tubas will protect the interests of the rich. The main question raised by the musical travel around the “Trumpet City” is whether very different people can live in peace for the sake of one common goal – music and harmony?

Do you want to shake hands with the conducting and always serious Traffic Controller, to hear the secrets of the bankers from the Tuba Club, or join the aggressive members of the Saxophone gang? Maybe you would like to go on strike with the musicians and to roar at the top of your lungs: “We want to live the way we want! We want to play the way we want! We want – the way we want! We want – the way we want!”? The state wind orchestra “Trimitas” (the trumpet) invites you to the musical fairy-tale “Trumpet City”.

The musical dramaturgy of the latest product is dictated by a patience game of musical works by such composers as T.  Adomavičius, V. Sainz, I. Stravinski, A. Romer, Ch. Hass, I. Berlin, E. Bourdeau, H. Beeftink, C. John, J. Higdon selected by the head of the orchestra Prof. Dr. A. Kučinskas.

Director and scriptwriter Birutė Mar

Conductor Karolis Variakojis

Artistic director Indrė Pačėsaitė

Video projections creator  Karolis Bratkauskas

Lighting designer Rimas Petrauskas

Designers Asta Puikienė,  Martynas Latušinskas


Musical performance “The Flight of a Trumpet”

The musical fairy-tale “The Flight of a Trumpet” introduces children to music of the world. The auditorium will become an airplane and the audience – the passengers.

“With this play we want to show how colourful and versatile the palette of music of the world is, – says director B. Mar. – Even before the play starts, the audience feels as if they are boarding a plane. Tickets are checked, there are flight attendants at the door, and the signs at the entrance say “Trimitas Airlines”. As the audience gathers, audio recordings similar to those played at airports can be heard: “Attention, attention, passenger XXX….  flying Trimitas airlines to Madagascar, please go immediately to Gate 18” and the like.”

The musical plane of “Trimitas” airlines and the audience embark on an unusual flight around the Earth. Together with the aircraft pilots Rainar and Vizar and flight attendants Madam Lufthansia and Finnairia, the Mademoiselles Alitalia and Maleisia, they travel to the continents and countries of the world, learn the music of different countries, reach remote Antarctica and even the Moon. After their search for the place where the wind, dreams and thoughts live, the travellers return to the Earth and understand how wonderful our native land is.

Scriptwriter and director – Birutė Mar
Artistic director – Indrė Pačėsaitė
Video by – Karolis Bratkauskas
Pilots – Andrius Bialobžeskis, Karolis Variakojis
Passengers – orchestra “Trimitas” and the audience.


Play “Clothes of Music”

“We mix the Middle Ages and Classicism, we connect the Antique and Dadaism, we put a minor skirt on the major so as to produce an unexpected tone!” Have you ever imagined how all music styles would sound if they were played together? Can you guess what melodies were played by the poets of antiquity and troubadours of the Middle Ages? What would happen, if we put a Baroque wig on a jazz soloist?  Using the picturesque libretto by writer and dramatist Herkus Kunčius, the state wind orchestra “Trimitas” and composer Kristupas Bubnelis, actors Birutė Mar and Andrius Bialobžeskis, will look for answers to the question of how the clothes of music – sounds, melodies, styles, instruments – have changed over time. What happens, when the eye of a sewing needle goes through silk, wool, gold and other materials? Are they all the same? Does modern style mean that everyone can put on what they want and how they want? Maybe, after all, the word of the chief designer and the conductor also has an impact on the sound? Answers to all these questions can be found in the latest play “Clothes of Music”. It is a unique opportunity to take a look into the secret world of the art of music, the sewing shop of sounds, in which fabrics change and take the strangest forms and where the fantasy of a sewer provokes to raise the question, what the music of the future will be?

Libretto composer – Herkus Kunčius

Director – Birutė Mar

Actors – Birutė Mar, Andrius Bialobžeskis

Composer – Kristupas Bubnelis

Conductor – Karolis Variakojis