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Director general
Antanas Kučinskas


Director of the orchestra

I see Trimitas as a highly professional ensemble that can perform the most complex music in various styles. I see it moving further in this direction, taking on ambitious scores and destroying the persisting stereotype that wind orchestra music is only for marching in street parades or greeting state guests at airports,[1]’ said Prof. PhD Antanas Kučinskas (born in 1968), having become the Director of Trimitas.

Key professional activities:

  • 1993 – Graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, in Composition Studies (under Prof. Vytautas Barkauskas).
  • 1991–1999 – Teacher of contemporary music history at the Vilnius Conservatory (now Vilnius Juozas Tallat-Kelpša Conservatory).
  • 2001 – Doctor of Humanities, defending the thesis Principles of Composition in the Works of Lithuanian Contemporary Composers.
  • 1993–2013 – Sound Engineer, Head of the Music Unit at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.
  • Since 2007 – Instructor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (professor since 2014).
  • 2018 – Fellowship at Rhode Island College, and Fulbright Scholarship from the US Government.
  • Since 2018 – Director of the State Wind Orchestra Trimitas.

Most people know Antanas Kučinskas as a composer. He has composed music for more than thirty drama productions, and films, as well as pieces for orchestra, solo instruments, vocals, choirs. He has also authored the opuses of other genres. His music is performed at various Lithuanian festivals and abroad.

Theatre music is a very important part of Antanas Kučinskas’ activities. Having worked at the National Drama Theatre for twenty years, the composer still annually composes music for professional theatre productions, and has collaborated with directors Jonas Vaitkus, Gintaras Varnas, Birutė Mar, Oskaras Koršunovas and others.

Kučinskas has also composed music for musical theatre. He is known especially by the younger Lithuanian audience as a composer of children’s operas: The Potato Fairy Tale (2006) that was awarded the Golden Cross of the Stage, The Macaron Opera (2013) that was nominated for the Golden Cross of the Stage, and The Star Opera (2016), staged at the Klaipėda State Musical Theatre.

Antanas Kučinskas combines creative, organisational and managerial activities. He has organised conferences on music theory and has for many years headed the New Music Communication Centre, active in the fields of artistic creation and interpretation, sound recordings, and book publishing, and in 2018 he took over as the Director of Trimitas.

Under the leadership of Antanas Kučinskas, Trimitas has revised its programmes, focusing more on concert programmes of serious music, theatrical productions and cooperation with the most famous Lithuanian and foreign performers (pianist Petras Geniušas, cellist Vytautas Sondeckis, percussion ensemble Giunter Percussion), conductors (Giedrius Vaznys, Aleksandras Šimelis, Leif Karlsson, Sweden, Kenneth Amis, USA), director Birutė Mar, etc.

[1] Interview with composer Antanas Kučinskas by ‘The Search for Communicative Music’